Short-Term Rental Things To Avoid

Keep your short-term rental free of these common issues and mistakes to ensure your guests have a comfortable and 5-star review-worthy stay.


No matter how beautiful and inviting a home looks, a bad odor is an immediate buzzkill. Ferret out the source of the smell and eliminate it, rather than trying to disguise it with scents that may be overpowering and allergy-inducing.

Personal Effects

While travelers are looking for a home away from home, they want to imagine that it is their home – not yours. Family photos, trophies, memorabilia, religious decor, etc. are subtle messages that they are intruders in someone elseʼs space.


Adhere to the Two-Thirds Rule – only put in 2/3 as much furniture and accessories as you think you should. Clutter steals some of relaxation and tranquility that your guests deserve. Plus, less extra stuff makes packing simpler for guests and cleaning simpler for your cleaning person.

Anything Fussy

Slipcovered furniture is a prime example of this. The minute someone sits down on it, it is a mess. Elaborate table arrangements might look beautiful but must be rearranged for each new guest. Keep things simple and easy.

Cherished Or Fragile Items

While you want to add charm and interest, avoid using anything that can easily be damaged, like a precious antique or expensive art.

Over-Using IKEA

Feel free to get a huge percentage of what you need from IKEA, but save some of your budget for some unique statement pieces. These ʻfoundʼ items are what will give soul and depth to your design.

Being Stingy With The Photos

While you donʼt want to highlight any negative features, you also donʼt want guests to be seriously blind-sided by them either. Make it clear that the steps are steep, for example. Add photos of the street, nearby parks, parking, etc., too.

Overdoing It On The Notes

Leave clear and concise notes in one handy folder. Include any important information about how to operate things (to avoid midnight calls), but avoid leaving notes all over the place, which can make guests afraid that there are too many things to remember and too many ways to screw something up.

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