AmeniStays specializes in offering design services for your AirBNB and short-term rentals with the goal of enhancing the user’s experience for repeat customers and social media sharing. We can help you design and update your short-term rentals and AirBNB for this purpose. Below, learn about our virtual design services for your AirBNB, and contact us today!


Clients are given access to the designs through Spoak, the design software used by AmeniStays Design. Through Spoak, clients can access completed designs and links to the products if purchasing the items themselves (see below). The property is broken out into the different areas/or rooms of the house for easy navigation and organization.  Below is a step-by-step of how this virtual design for your AirBNB or short-term rental process typically looks (keep in mind, the process may vary slightly depending on project and scope).


Introduction meeting

During this meeting, we help the client define the scope of their project and make a timeline for completion of the virtual design. We will also provide a quote and what services we can provide based on budgets.

Design Time

We will then get started on the virtual design process and create boards on Spoak to show the client the design and what items to purchase. This step is done behind the scenes and will be presented to the client in the following step.

Round 1 Design Meeting

At this point, we will set a meeting with the client to show them a first round of progress being made on the design. This allows the client to stay up to date on where we are at and give any feedback on the design thus far.

Round 2 Design Meeting

During this meeting, the goal is to have a rough draft of the complete virtual design for the AirBNB or short-term rental to present to the client. The client will then give the final feedback, and we will move into fine tuning. (Depending on scope of project, additional meetings may be necessary to complete and finalize design).


Once we have received final feedback, we will finalize the budget and all Spoak boards to hand off to the client. In the budget and Spoak boards, the client will have all the information they need to complete the ordering and set up process. If an additional meeting is necessary to help assist in getting that process started, this will be the time.


As you can see, our comprehensive virtual design for your AirBNB process yields fantastic results. Travelers will love their experience at your AirBNB or other short-term rental with all the amenities they could hope for and more. In addition, we offer comprehensive short-term property management services that include everything from a free property analysis to the interior design process, marketing, guest communication, and property maintenance to help maximize your revenue. Our family-owned business is proud to partner with you and help relieve any stress or anxiety of running a short-term AirBNB. Connect with us for virtual design today!


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