Janae & Ryan Sullivan first experienced short-term rentals on their Honeymoon back in 2015. It was then that they discovered an admiration for a more intimate and personalized travel experience.  As their passion for travel grew, they experienced 5-star level service and less than 5-star experiences which made them appreciate the little details that made the difference during their stays.  Passion for travel and guest experience continued to intersect which led to the creation of the AmeniStays brand.  AmeniStays is a family-owned boutique hospitality company created to provide amenity rich experiences at the most in-demand destinations, to travelers from around the world.  AmeniStays was founded on technology driven strategies and an exceptional service first mindset, that fills a need in the hospitality space where large management companies fall short.  Our team prides itself on providing an intimate yet impactful level of service to our homeowner clients and amazing guests.  We accomplish this with revenue maximization and customer service as our focus which generates a 5-star experience during each stay within our portfolio of properties.  When working with AmeniStays you won’t be settling for partial management or watered-down full service that equates to being just another property in a large database that falls short of revenue potential.  We care for our client’s short term rental investments as much as we do our own and maximizing profitability ties our success to yours every step of the management cycle.  Our team looks forward to working in partnership so that you can enjoy your property without the day-to-day operational stress.  Thank you for considering AmeniStays as your hospitality partner, we look forward to serving you.